UNSUNG HEROES  (9-1-1  What’s Your Emergency?)
Genre: TV Series-Action Drama
Produced by: du Jour Films Multimedia Group
Created by: Robert L. Miller
Inspired by: Sanedria Potter-Holt

Logline: This series is about the men and woman who respond to the 9-1-1 calls. They are always there for us and they band together to answer our calls for help.  These men and woman of the 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch Units are in truth, “Unsung Heroes”. We don’t see their faces but we do hear their voices. Their voices comfort and console many, as well as dispatch the emergency personnel to our aid. When we dial 9-1-1, we will first hear: 9-1-1  What’s Your Emergency?

Genre: Biography
Formats: Audible Book / Feature
Written by: Alexander R. O’Neil

Logline: This is the 16 year history as told by the eldest of four foster children trapped in a cycle of abuse. This story will take the readers and the viewers on the journey of Tony and the many heroic risks he took to protect his brothers from the heinous abuse of their foster parents.

Genre: Biography
Formats: Audible Book / Feature
Written by: Heat Anthony

Logline: The true story of Richard Dent, Sr. who once was a professional gentleman of leisure and a drug addict. This tells the story of how Richard changed his life to became…a loving father…a mentor of youth…an entrepreneur…a devout Muslin.

Genre: Historical Documentaries and Features

Logline: The portrayal of the Black race in America is being documented in a factual and positive light as never before. The Black American History Channel will be documenting series in 1, 2 hour formats and several mini-series that defines and captivates the viewing audiences of the multitude of contributions made by Black Americans.

This true and factual history of America will also cover that of Asian, Native American and Latino history in America.

Some of the more than 30 concepts are: Woman, The Old West, Business, Science, Space, Military History (dating back to the French and Indian War), Inventions and Inventors, Judicial, LGBT’s, Literary, Music, Film, Sports, The Harlem Renaissance, and Scores of Unsung Heroes 

(Two Loves, Two Desires, One Choice)

Genre: Sitcom
Creators: Mark Goddard & Maya Hall Fillingame

Logline: A coming of age musical/romance about a brash, womanizing 17 year old rap phenom who falls for a beautiful older woman from South Africa.

Genre:  Documentary

Logline: Reginald F. Lewis was an exceptional businessman and an equally benevolent philanthropist. His name should be remembered by generations to come.  A deal Reginald F. Lewis made after he purchased international giant Beatrice Foods promoted his American company, TLC Group, L.P. to the biggest offshore leveraged buyout in history, making TLC Beatrice worth $1.5 billion and on to Fortune’s 500 list.

Genre: Historical Documentary
Inspired by: Bose Robinson

Logline: Although not commonly known, African-Americans were also imprisoned or sent to internment or concentration camps.
While touring through Denmark in 1941, jazz trumpeter Valaida Snow was arrested by the Nazis and probably kept at Vestre Fængsel, a Danish prison in Copenhagen that was run by the Nazis.