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Genre: TV Series-Action Drama

Produced by: du Jour Films and Entertainment – Created by: Robert Miller, Inspired by: Sanedria Potter-Holt

Logline: 9-1-1 Operators are individuals that are behind the scenes and invisible to most. These men and woman of the 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch Units are in truth, “Unsung Heroes”. We don’t see their faces but we do hear their voices. Their voices comfort and console many, as well as dispatch the emergency personnel to our aid. When we dial 9-1-1, we will first hear: “9-1-1 WHAT’S YOUR EMERGENCY?”

This series is about the men and woman who respond to the 9-1-1 calls. They are ordinary people with feelings and occasionally certain issues. They argue and sometimes are close to fighting. But through it all, they are always there for us and they band together to answer our calls for help.


Genre: Historical Documentaries and Features

Logline: The portrayal of the Black race in America is being documented in a factual and positive light as never before. The Black American History Channel will be documenting series in 1, 2 hour formats and several mini-series that defines and captivates the viewing audiences of the multitude of contributions made by Black Americans. The true history of America must also cover that of Asian, Native American and Latino history in America.

Topics include: The Old West, Business, Science, Space, Military History (dating back to the French and Indian War), Inventions and Inventors, Judicial, LGBT Heroes and Artist, Literary, Music, Film, The Harlem Renaissance, Women and the many Unsung Heroes.